When you're running out of space in your home or office space, it can be frustrating. Suddenly, there's no room to complete any of your favorite activities. Your desk has bled onto your floor, and your file cabinets are overflowing. Clutter can accumulate fast in such an environment, and it can become just as overwhelming.

Fortunately, Edwards Investments offers a variety of storage solutions to help you combat the clutter and find homes for all those extra things taking up space in your home or business. Whether you need long-term storage, or you need to temporarily downsize, we can help you. We offer many sizes of storage facilities, and we have over 25 locations - meaning you won't have to travel far to have access to your possessions.

Security Cameras

Many of our Wisconsin and Minnesota locations include surveillance
cameras for the safety of you and your belongings. Don't hesitate to
ask for what you need; we are here to help.

Convenient & Close

Every Edwards Mini Storage facility is accessible 24 hours a day for your

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